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Improve your abilty to proofread, speed up how you review document and check the law. Lexis Draft allows you to save time, effort and money.

Lexis Draft enables you to speed up reviewing and proofreading documents. Use Lexis Draft to interact with the document to check defined terms and phrases that may cause ambiguity, review references and uncover common editing mistakes and inconsistent numbering. Lexis Draft also provides an easy-to-use tool to mark and review incomplete item.

Access the most up to date precedents and documents directly in Microsoft Word

  • Prevent mistakes made under pressure.
  • Achieve greater review efficiency and document quality.

Check the law and verify citations automatically with

  • Manage risk: Lexis Draft locates legal citations and presents the correct application of the law.
  • Check each citation's status with a simple traffic light system.
  • Reliable citations with links to the most up-to-date content from LexisLibrary.

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