Helen Roe

Knowledge Management Consultant

I joined LexisNexis early in 2013 and work alongside the Practical Guidance Specialists in the Engagement Team.

Helen Roe

The main focus of my job is to work with our legal customers who are trialing our practical guidance product – LexisPSL.  I project manage the trial so they can make the best use of it and then I work with them to help their users to adapt to a new way of working. 

 I also run our Product Adoption Advisory Board, connecting information professionals and knowledge managers with various people at LexisNexis.

I love sport, sadly more watching than playing these days.  I read as much as I can on my train journeys and often spend my lunch break dashing across Farringdon Street to Shoe Lane Library. 


My experience includes:

  • B.Comm and BA (Hons)
  • Worked previously at EY, Tite & Lewis and Lawrence Graham
  • My main focus has been on Knowledge Management systems, previously worked in IT and IT Procurement
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